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Šiuo metu neturime apžvalgos šiai programinei įrangai: Prey, Top versija. Jei norite, rašykite apžvalgą šiai programinei įrangai ir ją išsiųskite, ir mes ją mielai čia įtrauksime.

To understand why the new game Prey is getting so much interest, it is a good idea to learn the history of the game, and how things have changed with it drastically over the years.

The History of Prey

The original game Prey came out for the Xbox in 2006. It told the story of a Cherokee man named Tommy, who was a mechanic and working on a reservation. However, his boring life quickly comes to a halt when a massive spaceship abducts his family and friends, as well as countless other people. This first person shooter was an adventure about fighting your way through the mothership. It introduced a number of interesting mechanics, including walking on the walls, spirit walking, and manipulating gravity.

It was a good game, and a lot of people enjoyed it. Having a sequel seemed like a no brainer. However, it kept getting put off, and then, in 2011, we heard that there would finally be a Prey 2. This was not going to be a direct sequel, and it would instead follow the adventures of a U.S. Marshall who is abducted and who then becomes a bounty hunter on an alien planet. It seemed like a strange jump, but people were still interested in the game.

Then, nothing was heard about the game for quite some time, and everyone assumed it simply withered on the vine, as often happens with games. In 2014, they said that it was cancelled.

However, we now know that we are going to be getting another Prey game, and it is coming very soon. It’s yet another departure from the original story though, and they say that this is going to be a true reboot. From the trailer and footage that they showed at E3 this year, it certainly looks to be the case. The game is being developed by Arkane Studios, and it will be published by Bethesda Softworks.

What We Know About Prey

We know that the graphics are going to be stunning if the gameplay seen so far is any indication of the rest of the game. The game will be a first person shooter at heart, but it will also have a number of roleplaying elements. This will likely mean that your character will have certain abilities, and you will be able to upgrade those abilities as you increase in level. You are also able to choose between being a male and a female, as well as certain other attributes.

In addition, the storytelling for this game seems to be at the forefront, which is good for anyone who likes to be immersed in a good story. This one seems particularly spooky though, so beware.

Players control a character named Morgan Yu. The basic goal is to find and use weapons and other elements to fight off aliens that are boarding a space station. There are no separate levels or missions. Instead, everything is continuous. In some cases, players will have to return to areas that they have explored previously. However, they may have some new item or piece of equipment that will help them to access certain places they were not able to reach before.

The developers also said that not all of the action is going to be taking place inside of the space station. Players will also be able to get out of the station and experience zero gravity. It certainly sounds interesting, especially if you have to fight aliens in that environment.

At its heart, this seems to be a game of psychological horror, and it sounds very interesting. While there might still be some people out there who wanted to have a direct sequel to Prey rather than the reimagining, one look at the trailer and gameplay footage that they showed at E3 should show them that this game looks to be amazing.

You don’t have to be a fan of the original Prey to enjoy this game, but you do need to have a penchant for scary games and shooters, as this appears to have strong elements of both woven into it.

While we do know quite a bit about the game, there are still many elements yet to discover. As the release date gets nearer and nearer, you will likely start to hear more about it. If you are already getting excited though, you might want to order now, just so you can have it ready to go on day one.

The game will release for Windows, Xbox One and PS4 in 2017.


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